Acne Healing Whip Bar + Witch Hazel Serum


The best combination for oily, combination, acne prone skin! 



Morning & Night: Use the whip bar first, tone your skin then apply a thin layer of serum.


Acne Healing White Soap

♡ Targets your pores to remove trapped dirt that causes acne.

♡ Reduces redness and dark spots

♡ Calms inflamed pimples without drying your whole face

♡ Contains tea tree oil, aloe vera, witch hazel. salicylic acid, vitamin C & E


How to use:

-Simply scrub the loofah soap to create foam, use the foam to wash your face

-do not directly put the net loofah on your face since that will be too harsh for your skin.


Witchhazel Pure Skin Serum

Our thicc serums are packed with the essentials! non sticky and fast absorbing. Feel instantly moisturized and fresh after use!


♡ Witch hazel = for calming, inflamed pimples, Salicylic Acid = reduces blackheads & whiteheads!

♡ Non drying, gentle acne healing serum (w/ aloe vera + tea tree)

♡ x3 more effective than a regular moisturizer

♡ it's concentrated which means faster results!

since 1/31/2015

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE from Manila, Philippines. 

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