Brightening Whip Bar + Natural Glow Serum

Brightening Whip Bar + Natural Glow Serum


The best skincare combination for dull, tired, normal skin! Ideal for minimal post acne marks, gives you poreless pinkish glow!


Brightening Soap [Arbutin + Bearberry + Papaya + Snail Extract]

♡ Lightens dark marks & pimple marks

♡ Moisturizes

♡ For that natural bright, glowing face

♡ Contains arbutin, snail extract, papaya extract etc.


How to use:

-Simply scrub the loofah soap to create foam, use the foam to wash your face

-do not directly put the net loofah on your face since that will be too harsh for your skin.


Natural Glow [Tomato + Snail]

♡ Tomato = brightening effects, and snail = repair and hydration for smooth & even skin tone!

♡ Fresh & poreless look

♡ x3 more effective than a regular moisturizer

♡ it's concentrated which means faster results!