Collagen Whip Bar + Youthful Bounce Serum


the best combination for tired, dry, un-even skin! from lack of sleep & moisture also especially for those who are suffering from post-acne marks!


Collagen Purple Soap

♡ Targets dull, tired skin 

♡ Increases skin elasticity & strength

♡ for the soft, bouncy youthful skin

♡ Great for aging skin to restore the soft supply baby face!


How to use:

-Simply scrub the loofah soap to create foam, use the foam to wash your face

-do not directly put the net loofah on your face since that will be too harsh for your skin.


Youthful Bounce

♡ Vitamin C = brightens face & dark marks, Vitamen E = moisture!

♡ For the youthful, bright, bouncy soft skin

♡ x3 more effective than a regular moisturizer

♡ it's concentrated which means faster results!



Morning: Wash your face with collagen whip bar, apply your usual toner and moisturize

Night: Wash your face with collagen whip bar, apply your usual toner and apply a thin layer of youthful bounce vit C serum.

(we don't recomment using vit C serum during the day, as this may be sensitive to light)

since 1/31/2015

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