BUY 1 TAKE 1 Witch Hazel Pure Skin Serum


Our thicc serums are packed with the essentials! non sticky and fast absorbing. Feel instantly moisturized and fresh after use!



♡ Witch hazel = for calming, inflamed pimples, Salicylic Acid = reduces blackheads & whiteheads!

♡ Non drying, gentle acne healing serum (w/ aloe vera + tea tree)

♡ x3 more effective than a regular moisturizer

♡ it's concentrated which means faster results!


How to use?

Use after cleansing & toning

Just dot a pea sized amount on your cheeks, forehead and chin & blend. Pat with your palm


Why choose this?

♡ Not water diluted

♡ Smells really good!


*please be careful with placing the dropper back, since it's thicc, serum may get on the edges of the bottle when returning. make sure you just get a sufficient amuont.

since 1/31/2015

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